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What is a PRP Facial

A PRP facial rejuvenation is a cutting-edge skincare procedure that taps into your body’s inherent ability to repair itself. Because it includes extracting your blood, it is sometimes referred to as a vampire facial. Red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets are the four main components of your blood. When platelets in plasma are concentrated, something magical happens. All four components of your blood are segregated by density to create concentrated amounts of platelets in plasma. The platelets are then injected into the plasma, leaving out the red and white blood cells. There are several benefits of opting for PRP facial, some of which are mentioned below. This is a popular treatment here at Knott Street Dermatology and Aesthetics.

Plumps the skin

Existing collagen begins to repair the skin as soon as it is penetrated. Simultaneously, your body begins to produce new, stronger, and healthier collagen. It takes a few weeks for this better-grade collagen to develop. However, you will notice an instant tightening of the skin. You will simply notice that the outcomes of your therapy improve for several weeks following treatment.

Reduces wrinkles

People want a PRP facial for a variety of reasons, including lines and wrinkles. As cellular turnover is encouraged, these common symptoms of aging are addressed. New skin cells, collagen, and elastin are produced when old skin cells are recycled. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced in part because your face skin spontaneously tightens in reaction to the micro-injuries caused by therapy. As empty regions of your face are plumped up, the appearance of deeper wrinkles is also reduced.

Skin tightening by PRP Facial

A PRP facial may be used by certain people to plump up their lips. Others use it to re-contour their cheekbones without having to undergo intrusive surgical procedures. Regardless of your skin concerns, be sure to inquire about how a PRP facial may help you reach your perfect appearance.

PRP facial for Moisture retention

The deeper layers of your skin are better shielded from outside irritants when your skin is stronger and thicker. A healthy skin barrier also aids in moisture retention. Furthermore, it aids in the unclogging of your pores, making your skin more susceptible to prescription moisturizers. The effects of a PRP facial on pores are a little perplexing because the procedure might actually diminish the visibility of pores.

Enhanced skin texture

If you have acne scars, surgical scars, traumatic injury scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, or other kinds of poor skin tone or texture, a PRP-enhanced facial can help. You will be amazed by the mind-blowing change in the appearance of your skin in a few short days after one PRP facial, as old skin cells give birth to new, healthy ones.

You can contact us today to arrange your initial appointment if you want to learn more about the wonderful advantages of PRP face rejuvenation. We will assess the current state of your skin’s health as well as your cosmetic objectives to develop a customized treatment plan to help you look and feel your best.

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