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Unwanted Body Hair? Warts? Get Rid of Them at Knott Street Dermatology

As the weather warms up, it will be time to go out and enjoy the outdoors. For those who are lacking in confidence due to warts or unwanted body hair, Knott Street Dermatology has procedures that will help them get rid of warts and unwanted body hair, so they can go outside with confidence. 

Wart Removal in Portland

Looking for wart treatment in the Portland area? Knott Street Dermatology provides multiple forms of wart treatment for our patients.

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) that has over 80 different subtypes. The virus can be spread easily by human contact. Warts are typically located on the soles of the feet (plantar warts), the hands, and the genital region (condyloma). When they occur under a fingernail or toenail, they are called periungual warts.

There are several ways to treat warts: cryotherapy (applying liquid nitrogen with very cold temperatures), surgery, or electrocautery. Another way to treat warts is with an injection of a common type of yeast called Candida. A prepared version of the yeast is injected into the wart which causes the skin to turn red in a few days. It stimulates the immune system to become active in the treated area and, in turn, attack the virus causing the wart.

Another type of wart treatment involves Cantharidin. In diluted form, it can be an effective way of treating warts or molluscum. Diluted cantharidin is applied with a cotton swab directly to the warts or molluscum lesions and triggers the body’s immune system to fight the virus. Several treatments may be required to clear the skin.

Hair Removal in Portland

Tired of shaving all summer? We can help you get ready for a season of fun in the sun. With laser hair removal at Knott Street Dermatology you can get smooth legs all year long without using a razor.

Forever Bare BBL™ hair removal in Portland is a new technology. While traditional devices apply all of their energy to a given area at the same time, Forever Bare BBL in Portland sends multiple lower fluence pulses with a high rate of repetition, which provides treatment that is fast, safe, effective, and comfortable. BBL motion technology allows for extremely even heating of the hair follicles and minimizes missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices.

The Forever Bare BBL handpiece provides continuous cooling, even at maximum power, to keep the skin comfortable before, during, and after treatment. By gradually increasing the temperature of the follicle to therapeutic levels and keeping the skin protected with cooling, Forever Bare BBL in Portland can effectively treat most skin types.


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