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The D.E.J. Face Cream and Night Cream Is Your Pathway to Younger-Looking Skin

Having good skin means having a good skincare routine so you can put your best skin forward every time. When you are young you have soft, smooth, moisture-rich skin. But as you age, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin,  and sun damage are inevitable. But they don’t have to stay. 

Moisturize with the DEJ Face Cream© (AM)  

Our DEJ Face Cream® comes in a 1.7 oz / 48 g pump bottle. It’s an advanced skin-renewing moisturizer that firms, lifts, and smooths the skin using a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind formula to deliver clinically-proven results.

The DEJ Face Cream® visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and improves your skin’s texture and radiance. It also firms and plumps sagging and thinning skin, improves overall sun damage and helps to shield against environmental stressors. It is clinically proven to improve your skin’s natural moisture barrier thus maintaining a healthy skin-neutral pH level. 

What makes our DEJ Face Cream® stand out is that it’s one of the only products designed with the skin’s Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) in mind. DEJ is a critical factor in skin aging and our DEJ Face Cream® incorporates prebiotic and postbiotic innovation to balance the skin’s microbiome to target visible signs of aging and promote healthy skin. 

Our DEJ Face Cream® is one of the most comprehensive age-defying moisturizers on the market with a powerful blend of moisturizers, hydrators, peptides, and antioxidants including THD Ascorbate plus Prebiotic and Postbiotic. It is also safe for pre and post-procedure skin.

Treat with the  DEJ Night Face Cream© (PM) and DEJ Eye Cream© (AM & PM)

Wake up with visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin elasticity, texture and pore size appearance with our DEJ Night Face Cream©. 

Our DEJ Night Face Cream© (PM) also comes in a 1.7 oz / 48 g pump bottle.  It’s an intensive nighttime moisturizer featuring a unique combination of time-released 0.25% Retinol and plant-based Bakuchiol in a hydrating, antioxidant-rich formula.This night cream is uniquely formulated to minimize irritation and can be used on all skin types to rejuvenate and reveal new, younger-looking skin while you sleep.

It also promotes a healthy microbiome with prebiotic and postbiotic innovation. 

Complete your skincare routine with our  DEJ Eye Cream© (AM & PM).  It comes in a  0.5 fl oz / 14 g pump bottle with Zamac tip.  The DEJ Eye Cream© (AM & PM) is our most comprehensive eye treatment inspired by the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) which is clinically proven to rejuvenate the total eye area and target drooping eyelids, under-eye creepiness as well as crow’s feet fine lines and wrinkles.

The DEJ Eye Cream© is uniquely formulated to address eyelid hooding and droopiness in the eye area.  It also contains prebiotic and postbiotic innovation to balance the skin’s microbiome and helps promote healthier skin around the eyes. Our DEJ Eye Cream© is perfect to use for pre-procedure to help promote healthy skin and enhance results as well as for post-procedure to help maintain results. 

Your D.E.J Eye Cream© Is On Us!

KNOTT STREET DERMATOLOGY | The D.E.J. Face Cream and Night Cream Is Your Pathway to Younger-Looking Skin

Purchase your essential age-defying DEJ Face Cream® and the DEJ Night Face Cream© today and get a DEJ Eye Cream© for FREE at Knott Street Dermatology. Call and get yours today while supplies last! We serve customers in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas including Milwaukie, Cedar Mill, Beaverton, Cedar Hills, Oak Grove, and more. 

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