Cherry angiomas or red moles are red bumps on the skin. They are harmless (benign) vascular lesions on the skin containing an abnormal cluster of blood vessels. Cherry hemangiomas are simply an overgrowth of blood vessels. Although they can sometimes look like moles, they are unlikely to transform into skin cancer or other medical conditions.
Cherry angiomas are often bright red, circular, or oval shaped and are typically small. They vary in size ranging from a pinpoint to about 1/4 of an inch in diameter. They may be only a tenth of a millimeter in diameter in their early stages and almost flat, appearing as small red dots.
Some cherry angiomas appear smooth and even with the skin, while others are slightly raised. They often grow on the torso, arms, legs, and shoulders. Bleeding can occur if the angioma is scratched, rubbed, or cut open.
Cherry angiomas on the skin are not usually a concern as they are almost always harmless. However, if you notice a sudden outbreak of several lesions, you are advised to seek medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment as it could be another type of angioma.
Although rare, spider angiomas could signal a developing problem like liver damage. Spider angiomas are very similar to cherry angiomas. What makes them different from cherry angiomas are their reddish extensions that spread out from the red spot of the spider angioma, giving them a spider-like appearance.


Most cherry angiomas don’t need to be treated unless they are located in areas that are easily bumped and can lead to regular bleeding. You may also opt for cherry angiomas removal if they are cosmetically undesirable. Options for cosmetic angioma removal include:

Shave Excision

This treatment option involves shaving or cutting off the cherry angioma and closing the wound with stitches. You should expect some pain and discomfort with this method, so anesthesia may be necessary in some cases. Shave excision cherry angioma removal is generally quick, and results are immediate.


This procedure involves heating with an electric current delivered by a tiny probe and burning off skin growths. As you can imagine, this procedure could involve some pain, so anesthesia is sometimes needed depending on the size and location of the cherry angioma.

Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery

Cryotherapy is freezing the cherry angioma with an extremely cold liquid nitrogen spray. This procedure is quick, easy, and very effective. With this treatment, you may experience some discomfort, but your aesthetician may give local anesthesia if you have very low pain tolerance. If you’ve ever had a wart removed, cryotherapy cherry angioma removal process is very similar.

Laser Treatment

Laser cherry angioma removal is known today as one of the best and safest, and most effective options for cherry angiomas removal. This procedure is non-invasive and takes only seconds to get rid of individual cherry angioma. The laser will treat the cherry angioma without damaging the surrounding skin. You may resume your normal activities without experiencing any pain or side effects in most cases.



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