Atypical moles are unusual-looking benign (noncancerous) moles, also known as dysplastic nevi (the plural of nevus). Atypical moles may resemble melanoma, and people who have them are at increased risk of developing melanoma in a mole or elsewhere on the body. The formation of atypical moles tends to run in families, especially in Caucasians. Those who have atypical moles plus a family history of melanoma (2 or more close blood relatives with the disease) have a very high risk of developing melanoma. People who have atypical moles, but no family history of melanoma, are also at higher risk of developing melanoma, compared with the general population.

All high-risk individuals should practice rigorous daily sun protection, perform a monthly skin self-examination head to toe, and seek regular professional skin exams. Atypical moles will usually be biopsied to rule out melanoma and/or will be removed with excisional surgery to prevent changing and spreading over time.

Knott Street Dermatology patients who opt to have benign (harmless) moles removed are able to do so with an array of cosmetic procedures.

Different methods for cosmetic mole removal include:
Shave excision (shaving down the raised mole surface)
Punch biopsy (punching out smaller moles)
Excisional surgery (cutting out flat moles and stitching the wound closed)

Many patients want to have moles removed for a variety of reasons ranging from cosmetic to health reasons. Patients can now achieve their desired look with access to cosmetic treatments provided by Knott Street Dermatology. And if you have any concerns about the health of a mole, come in and get checked with our medical staff to ensure your skin and body are as healthy as can be.

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Tanya | Knott Street Dermatology | Skin Care Center | Portland Oregon

Tanya Wayne PA-C

Tanya is originally from North Dakota-the land of flax and canola and a place where everyone is empowered to be imperfect. Growing up active in sports lead her to North Dakota State University where she pursued a double major in Athletic Training and Exercise Science. Her upbringing set the stage for her love of sports, health, the outdoors and travel.

Tanya moved to Oregon in 2003 was accepted to Pacific University School of Physician Studies. She earned her MPAS and has been practicing medicine here for over 15 years. She is well versed in many areas of clinical practice but her passion has always been in aesthetics. Tanya is excited to be working with the team at Knott Street Aesthetics where the focus is on educating the public about evidence-based anti-aging strategies and techniques.

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon but also has a wonderful beauty we should have respect for. “

Olivia | Knott Street Dermatology | Skin Care Center | Portland Oregon

Olivia Gill LE,CAE

Olivia graduated from Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics in 2015 and has been working full time as a Certified Advanced Esthetician and Laser Safety Officer for the last 6 years. Olivia’s favorite part about her job is helping her patients feel more confident in their own skin. She takes pride in tailoring each skin care regimen and treatment plan to fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. When she’s not pampering patients, she enjoys camping, traveling, and quality time spent with her family, husband, and Corgi puppy- Ginger!

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